Learn how to use the amino acid GABA to ease physical anxiety, tension, stress-eating and self-medicating with alcohol to relax.
Learn about the best products, how to trial GABA, clinical pearls & precautions.

This is a unique opportunity to learn from Trudy Scott, a global expert on the use of targeted individual amino acids!

GABA QuickStart Program

With this exciting program with Trudy, you’ll learn how to use the amino acid GABA to ease physical anxiety, tension, stress-eating, self-medicating with alcohol to relax, and more.

In this program, we’ll cover:

  • How to identify low GABA symptoms
  • GABA facts and the blood brain barrier myth
  • Most effective GABA products (and what to avoid!)
  • How to do a trial to find out how much you need for your unique biochemistry
  • Clinical pearls and how to use GABA for the quickest results
  • Precautions and troubleshooting when you don’t get expected results
  • How using GABA fits into your overall nutritional plan and using the other amino acids

This GABA QuickStart Program is for you if:

  • GABA and the amino acids/neurotransmitters are completely new to you
  • You have heard Trudy speak about GABA and the amino acids but have not used them
  • You have read Trudy’s GABA blogs but have not used them
  • You have used GABA with some success and would like to refine things to get better results
  • You have used GABA without success and would like to figure out why it’s not working
  • You have a child or parent or other loved one you would like to help with GABA


Note: If you are on multiple prescriptions drugs and benzodiazepines (or tapering) then this program may help, however, you may need additional support and education outside of this program.

You are unique. That’s why this program offers more than only study materials.

A Private Facebook Group

  • As soon as you sign up, you’ll be invited to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions and get community support.

Live Q&A Calls with Trudy Scott

  • There will be two live Q&A calls with Trudy where you can ask her any questions you may have on the topic of GABA.

What you get

  • 1+ hour video training, plus:
    • GABA questionnaire
    • Audio file
    • Presentation slides as a PDF
    • Low GABA Symptoms Tracking Worksheet
    • Additional helpful resources
  • Two LIVE Q and A sessions with Trudy
    • Call #1: Wednesday, February 8, 2023
      • 8pm US Eastern Time
      • 5pm US Pacific Time
      • 12pm Sydney Time (Thursday, February 9, 2023)
    • Call #2: Wednesday, March 8, 2023
      • 8pm US Eastern Time
      • 5pm US Pacific Time
      • 12pm Sydney Time (Thursday, March 9, 2023)
    • Questions can be asked LIVE and/or submitted in advance
    • Recordings available afterwards
  • Bonus: Two Q & A calls from the previous training
  • A private Facebook group
    • Ask questions and get community support
    • Trudy is very active in the group (this is your chance to get direct support from her)

By purchasing this program, you are giving permission to be added to Trudy’s email database.
We promise not to share your details or spam you and you can opt out at any time.

Course curriculum

1. Disclaimer
  • Disclaimer
1. Disclaimer
  • Disclaimer
2. Welcome and Questionnaire
  • 2a. Welcome to the GABA QuickStart!
  • 2b. How to ensure we stay connected
  • 2c. Pre-program Survey Overview
  • 2d. Pre-program Survey
  • 2e. GABA Worksheet – My low GABA Symptoms Tracking Sheet
  • 2f. Low GABA Symptoms Questionnaire (before) – Overview
  • 2g. Low GABA Symptoms Questionnaire (before)
3. GABA QuickStart Program
  • 3a. About Your Learning Materials

  • 3b. How to use the GABA QuickStart program

  • 3c. GABA QuickStart Facebook Group

  • 3d. GABA QuickStart Video

  • 3e. What GABA Supplements and where to get them?

  • 3f. Where does GABA fit in with your anxiety solutions?

  • 3g. Low GABA Symptoms Questionnaire (during) – Overview

  • 3h. Low GABA Symptoms Questionnaire (during)

4. Ask Trudy - Q&A Calls
  • 4a. About GABA QuickStart Q&A Calls
  • 4b. Replay of the most recent Q&A Call
5. Bonuses
  • 5a. Bonus: Replay of the December 8, 2021 Q&A call + additional resources (1.5 hours)

  • 5b. Bonus: Replay of the January 5, 2022 Q&A call + additional resources (1.5 hours)

6. Wrapping up and Questionnaire
  • 6a. Low GABA Symptoms Questionnaire (after) – Overview

  • 6b. Low GABA Symptoms Questionnaire (after)

  • 6c. GABA QuickStart: Post program survey

Testimonials from individuals who have had success with GABA*

I’m glad I bought GABA and started using it before travelling home for Christmas – I was cool as a cucumber at the airport and was much calmer when visiting family and friends compared to last year! I notice a general calmness and am sleeping well.

An unexpected result was that I stopped craving sweets after about a week of taking it! I didn’t even realize this until I was grocery shopping and out of habit walked towards the ice cream – I stopped and realized I didn’t want ice cream. So I walked toward the chocolate – same reaction. For once in my life, I was not craving sweets. I made truffles for a NYE party and only ate two. But what is really shocking is that the leftovers are still in my refrigerator two days later and I haven’t touched them.


Got some GABA for our ASD [autism spectrum disorder] child. He has not slept well for years. We had tried all kinds of stuff. I am a healthcare pro and have studied and read and tried so much. But this stuff is a true miracle. For the first time in years my child sleeps. He sang and was all smiles from ear to ear for the first three days.

He has also really noticed a difference in his carb cravings since doing GABA. He went to grandma’s and was not tempted by 6 pies, tons of cookies, sweet rolls etc. We were both shocked. This is a kid who would mow through tons of cookies, rolls and pastries.


I usually only take GABA at night when I know I need it, to quiet my mind and relax my body so I can sleep better.


I take GABA for about a week and then take time off until I feel I need it again or I feel I have too much. I know if I take too much, I get spacey, unmotivated, depressed even. Helps a ton with head/neck tension and anxiety.


I have taken Xanax in the past for panic attacks. My functional medicine doctor suggested GABA Calm as I wanted a natural product. I was amazed how it works just like the Xanax did – instant calm feeling within 10 mins of taking 2 capsules. I use them as needed when I am having heightened stress and anxiety.


GABA helps lower my overall anxious feeling all day (anxiety for no reason). I just started increasing the dose slightly and am beginning to take it a few times a day to help with social anxiety. I have a lifelong problem of severe blushing and sweating from social anxiety and need that to stop.


GABA changed my life in minutes! Take it every day now. No more hopelessness!


Lyme anxiety is real! We’ve used GABA Calm sublinguals with good results. I learned about GABA helping anxiety and because I was treating my young daughter I purchased this because it was easy for her to take.

Lyme, Bartonella and Babesia are all known to cause anxiety and other psychological disorders ranging from mild to very severe. My daughter had it very severely but thankfully is much better now that we’ve treated the tick-borne diseases.


* These are all general testimonials from individuals in Trudy’s community

Food Mood Expert Trudy Scott is a certified nutritionist who educates anxious individuals about nutritional solutions for anxiety. She is known for her expertise in the use of targeted individual amino acids, nutritional solutions for the social anxiety condition called pyroluria, and the harmful effects of benzodiazepines.

Trudy is the author of The Antianxiety Food Solution: How the Foods You Eat Can Help You Calm Your Anxious Mind, Improve Your Mood and End Cravings and host of The Anxiety Summit, an online educational platform for both consumers and health professionals, and dubbed “a bouquet of hope.” She also educates health professionals via the Anxiety Nutrition Institute, sharing research and practical how-to steps.

Trudy is passionate about sharing the powerful food mood connection because she experienced the results first-hand, finding complete resolution of her anxiety and panic attacks.


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