How Balancing Neurotransmitters Supports Healing for Anxiety, Stress, Worry and Fears, Low Mood, Low Self-confidence, Sugar Cravings, Poor Focus, Insomnia and Fatigue

This practitioner training is for nutritionists, clinical psychologists, social workers, nurse practitioners, dieticians, health coaches, doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, herbalists, naturopaths, physical therapists, occupational therapists and anyone using nutrition in their work.

This is a unique opportunity to learn from Trudy Scott, a global expert on Balancing Neurotransmitters and the use of targeted individual amino acids.

Balancing Neurotransmitters PROGRAM

Anxiety is on the rise and women are affected at much high rates than men, often with the onset of severe symptoms during PMS, as they approach perimenopause and during menopause. These symptoms can include: worry, overwhelm, fears, phobias, ruminating thoughts, obsessive behaviors and OCD, negative self-talk, imposter syndrome, insomnia and sugar cravings.

By addressing key neurotransmitter deficiencies in your patients and clients, they will see relief of symptoms quickly while other underlying issues such as hormone imbalances, food sensitivities, dysbiosis, infections etc. are addressed. This gives them hope and a willingness to make required dietary changes without feeling deprived and needing willpower.

In this program, we’ll discuss how to use targeted individual amino acids to balance neurotransmitters, the trial method, specific protocols, and cases. This course will serve as the introductory level course on using amino acids in your practice.

What you will learn from Trudy during the Balancing Neurotransmitters program:

Module 1 – The Foundations of Balancing Neurotransmitters with Amino Acids

In this module, we’ll cover what targeted individual amino acids are and how they can and should be part of a comprehensive approach for all practitioners. We’ll also cover how to work with your clients and patients using the questionnaire and trial method, and where to start.

Module 2 – Low GABA type of Anxiety

In this module, we’ll recap the signs of the low GABA type of physical tense anxiety, some of the latest GABA research on possible mechanisms of action, myths about the blood brain barrier and GABA, best forms of GABA, clinical pearls, and cautions and nuances to be aware of. We’ll wrap up with a brief discussion on benzodiazepines and tapering challenges.

Module 3 – Low Serotonin type of Anxiety

In this module, you’ll get a recap of the signs of the low serotonin type of anxiety: worrying, ruminating, fears, phobias and panic attacks. We’ll cover tryptophan and 5-HTP and when to use which amino acid, some of the latest research on both, possible concerns about quinolinic acid, the low serotonin hypothesis, and potential collagen issues. The best forms of tryptophan will be covered, plus clinical pearls, and cautions and nuances to be aware of. We’ll wrap up with a brief discussion on SSRIs and serotonin syndrome.

Module 4 – Low Blood Sugar, Low Endorphins and Low Catecholamines

In this module, you’ll get a recap of the signs of low blood sugar, low endorphins (related to both physical and emotional pain) and low catecholamines, and how to trial the respective amino acids (glutamine, DPA and tyrosine), plus where this fits in when addressing low GABA and low serotonin.

Module 5 – Case Studies and Amino Acids Beyond Anxiety

In this module, case studies will illustrate how to apply this in your everyday work. You’ll learn about applications of the individual amino acids outside of the anxiety, worry and panic attacks women experience: pelvic pain issues, asthma, addictions, ADHD, PMS, burning mouth syndrome, fibromyalgia, bulimia and how to work with children via their mothers.

PLUS the Recordings of two prior Live Q&A Sessions with Trudy Scott


These 5 modules provide 3.5+ hours of content
PLUS recordings of live webinars (5+ hours, including Q and A sessions)

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GABA: an amino acid supplement for neurotransmitter support and anxiety relief, a poster by Trudy Scott

Trudy’s poster (as a PDF) as presented at the first international meeting of International Society for Nutritional Psychiatry Research in 2017. It includes an overview of GABA, possible mechanisms of action, effective forms of GABA and client feedback.


Case study: woman with panic attacks (using food and nutrients), a mini poster by Trudy Scott

And more bonuses

– Audios and Transcripts from the Anxiety Summit Season 1 –

Dr. Josh Friedman, Psy.D., CHHC, Integrative Psychotherapist

Integrative Psychotherapy: My Journey from Psychoanalysis to Whole Person Mental Health

  • Why he uses nutrition and functional medicine, together with therapy
  • 5-HTP and GABA for anxiety, inositol for OCD and DPA for “broken-hearted-ness
  • LENS and other forms of neurofeedback

    Catherine M. Pittman, Ph.D, clinical psychologist, psychology professor, co-author of Extinguishing Anxiety

    Benzodiazepines in the Treatment of Anxiety: Weighing Risks and Benefits

        • benzodiazapines: how they work and some of the benefits
        • side-effects, tolerance facts and withdrawal effects
        • survey results from members of the online support group
        • what sort of questions should we be asking about benzodiazepine prescriptions

    Meme Grant

    Meme Grant had anxiety, had panic attacks, didn’t enjoy speaking in public, had insomnia and was an emotional eater. She found answers with the amazing aminos acids and the pyroluria protocol. Hear how:


        • glutamine allowed her to walk past the gluten and dairy free junk foods
        • tyrosine helped her flutterby mind, gave her energy, focus and a desire to do things again
        • DPA stopped her comfort eating for too much of the “healthy” sweeteners
        • Tryptophan stopped her mind talk, got her sleeping through the night for the first time in 11 years and helped reduce the frequency of her panic attacks
        • GABA was the best amino acid and how the panic attacks disappeared
        • zinc, vitamin B6 and evening primrose oil helped her pyroluria symptoms

    Testimonials from the live San Diego presentation*

    Dani Williamson, FNP – Integrative Family Medicine


    Trudy’s and Jessica’s workshop has taken my practice in an exciting new direction! The information I learned about neurotransmitters and hormones provided an entirely new set of tools for working with clients experiencing challenges with mood and focus. I also work with children and teens and was thrilled to see that the presenters included therapeutic considerations and applications for this population. Within a week of the workshop, three clients expressed interest in working with amino acid protocols and hormone balancing. Thank you, Trudy and Jessica, for helping me upgrade my practice!

    Gabriela Sipe, MEd, RDN, NTP, Nurture Learn

    I attended the live conference in San Diego taught by Trudy Scott and Jessica Drummond. When I saw that they were offering this course, I knew I wanted to be there. These women are pioneers in the area of Functional Nutrition. They are spreading hope and healing to so many women.

    The information I learned in this 1-day course helped me deepen my understanding of the chronic health issues millions of women are struggling with including: anxiety, depression, fatigue, digestive issues, sleep difficulty and more. This course provided research, case studies and practical steps that you can put into use for yourself and your clients right away.

    Meeting Trudy really made a big impact for me and inspired me to really narrow my niche for my health coaching business and work with “moms who want to ease their anxiety and help their kids with autism.” I also wish I’d known how effective amino acids were before being prescribed a benzodiazepine.

    As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I have been helping my clients improve their nutrition and self-care; this course re-enforced that this is the foundation of optimizing production and balance of hormones and neurotransmitters. This course gave me confidence to recommend specific supplements to my clients so they can take their healing to the next level.

    Lauren Bahr, PT, HC, Owner of Simply Balanced Wellness

    Elissa Arnheim, Health Coach – Healthy Gut Happy Child


    General testimonials**

    As a licensed clinical mental health counselor and psychotherapist, I am always very interested in learning about more holistic ways to help my clients.

    Trudy’s approach of utilizing nutritional solutions – which are undeniably solution focused – can offer real change and when using amino acid food supplements, change can be dramatic and come within five minutes. I have supported clients doing amino acid trials and then using amino acids for anxiety, low mood, concentration issues, food cravings and sleep.

    Numerous friends and family members have also benefited from Trudy’s research and wisdom. I personally have tried a variety of her recommendations and I am an amino acid believer!

    Adèle V. Bradley, MA, LCMHC

    Nobody knows anxiety, mood and neurotransmitters the way Trudy does. Combining food and supplements like amino acids, her approach is compassionate and rooted in science. Trudy has also personally helped me with my own anger issues (from a neurotransmitter imbalance). That has changed how I see the world.

    Magdalena Wszelaki, endocrine nutrition expert and author of Cooking for Hormone Balance

    Trudy is an expert on the relationship of food and mood, an often-neglected area in the health of persons with mental illness. I heard her present at the Micronutrients for Mental Health conference and she was an engaging and passionate speaker. Her lecture was informative and provided practical information.

    Katherine Falk, MD, private practice New York City, certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

    * This neurotranstransmitter training was originally presented live with Jessica Drummond (she presented on Hormones) – hence the testimonials mentioning both and the combined Q and A recording.

    ** These are general testimonials rather than testimonials about this webinar series.

    About Trudy Scott

    Trudy Scott, Food Mood Expert, Certified Nutritionist, Author of The Antianxiety Food Solution, Host of The Anxiety Summit

    Trudy Scott, Food Mood Expert, Certified Nutritionist, Author of The Antianxiety Food Solution, Host of The Anxiety Summit

    Trudy Scott is a food mood expert and certified nutritionist on a mission to educate and empower anxious women, guiding them to find nutritional solutions for their anxiety, stress and emotional eating. She educates women about the healing powers of real food and is known for her expertise in the use of targeted individual amino acids, the nutritional solution for the social anxiety condition called pyroluria, and the harmful effects of benzodiazepines.

    Trudy is the author of The Antianxiety Food Solution: How the Foods You Eat Can Help You Calm Your Anxious Mind, Improve Your Mood and End Cravings (New Harbinger). She is the host of The Anxiety Summit, an online platform for anxiety nutrition education for both consumers and health professionals. It’s been dubbed “a bouquet of hope” and reaches an audience of over 100,000.

    Trudy is a sought-after speaker and teaches nutritionists, functional medicine practitioners and mental health professionals, sharing all the recent research and how-to steps so they too can educate and empower their clients and patients.

    Trudy is a member of National Association of Nutrition Professionals, is past president, served as special advisor to the board for a number of years and was the recipient of the 2012 Impact Award. She is also a member of the Alliance for Addiction Solutions, Anxiety and Depression Association of America and The American Stress Institute.

    Trudy is passionate about sharing these powerful nutritional “food as medicine for anxiety” tools because she experienced the results first-hand, finding complete resolution of her own anxiety and panic attacks.


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